Fakeout is a three part mini-series about the real world impacts of false or misleading information on the internet. The miniseries is heavily animated, and I took the opportunity to push the visuals as far as I could within the deadlines. Also, just like the Fact Checker branding project, I coded and built a bunch of motion graphics templates to aid the production pipeline.

The project was seen by hundreds of thousands of people and won a Poynter Global Fact award.

Like the previous Fact Checker style, it was supposed to look like it was drafted with ink, a ruler and graph paper. But I incorporated other hand painted transitions, and used more texture. The illustrations are very simple. Instead, I put time into painstakingly adjusting the motion to be snappy and crisp. You can almost hear the title whipping on screen even without the sound effects.

My time spent coding templates for video editors was also very helpful, even though no templates were made. Expressions helped me smooth over my workflow and create reusable elements, like the calendar. This project would've been unrealistic without some optimization like this.